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Council Recruitment

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Council Recruitment

Post  Jeremy on Fri Feb 06, 2009 12:16 pm

Want to join the council?
Take a long think

Yes, the council may seem like a quick way to gain respect within TRM, however, being a council member isn't an easy job.

You will need to:

- Search the forums for suggestions, problems and possibilites for improvments.
- Gain knowledge of the TRM past and current events.
- Have the ability to evaluate situations.
- Be fair.
- Represent others ideas.
- Have your own ideas.
- Have the ability to evolve on others ideas.
- Understand and respect others point of views.

What the council will do for you:

- Something to do.
- A responcibility.
- A chance to make a difference within TRM.
- Respect within TRM.
- A chance to show your potential.
- Cool Council group badge. =D

Things to a Acknowledge

- You will be expected to put effort into the council, if you don't, you will be removed from it.
- Your first Council Meeting is like a 'trial run'.

How to Join

Firstly, if you truly want to join the council, real all the council threads, gain on your knowlegde.
Once you think you are ready, talk to the Chairman of the Council [me], I will give you an interview and give you a test interview.

Thank you,

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