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Games & Events - Updated Regularly!

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Games & Events - Updated Regularly!

Post  Timtim on Sun Sep 06, 2009 1:33 pm

Games & Events Introduction
The Events & Games in which you will compete with the SBS are a test of your wits, reflexes and intelligence - to get top notch performance out of my tan berets I want to see practice and preparation before any scheduled event. These competitions are purely for fun - but play to win and prove to TRM that the SAS are still top dogs. Games will take place every SUNDAY (the same day you get paid, folks!) at 8:00PM GMT.

This Week's Events:
To be completed.

Drills and Performance
Behave like a part of the SAS, be the first to stand when SF is called when you're in the front row - show that you're always prepared for any eventuality. Practice and learn how to respond quickly to orders. Formation Drill training will be taken regularly but also check this thread for specific times when I want as many SAS as possible on for Formation practice. Do your branch CO and XO proud by outdoing the green lids on the parade ground.

The Quiz game is to be held in the TRM Quiz room, accessable via the Games Hall. The rules of a Quiz are very simple, two teams of four of the best and brightest from SAS and SBS will compete in terms of general and TRM knowledge. The two teams will line up, back to back in the middle of the room and each will be assigned a chair. Once the question is asked the contestants will rush to their seats and the first to reach theirs will be able to answer. If they answer wrong the question is handed over to the fastest on the opposing team. If they answer correctly they score a point and the admiration of their fellows.

The Quiz Room: (Designed by yours truly)

Costume Change
The Costume Change is to be held in - you guessed it - the TRM Costume Change room, also accessable via the Games Hall. There are a few more rules to a Costume Change than to a quiz but they are very easy to get a handle on. The Host will call out the name of a person/object and the contestants (even numbers of SAS and SBS) will attempt to change their habbo to look like the person/object called out. You only get one shot at changing so do your best Smile. Once you have changed you stand and the host will tell the better dressed to sit. The rest are left to a vote for the best and the remainders are out of the game. This continues untill there is only one person left who becomes the winner! A simple game that can be great fun - we'll just see who's better at dressing like Elvis, SBS Wink

The Costume Change Room: (Designed by SBS CO Zaltx)

Relay Race
We can't afford to have any porky habbos in the SAS, and we can't let the green lids go around claiming they're the fastest in the HQ so we now have Relay Races to prove once and for all just who has the fastest marines. I'm sure you've all done relay races before in school - the concept is simple, just move as fast as you can, keeping in your lane untill you get to the square behind your partner, you will then pass them the "baton" (it's a good idea to have this action typed out before you start the race so that when you reach your partner all you have to do is press enter) once your partner has received the baton they will continue the race. First team to get around the track to the finish wins!

The Relay Race Room: (Designed by yours truly)

The Field of Distinction
This is it, folks, the Field of Distinction. Can you smell the sweet scent of Victory, marines? This room is where the awards ceremony will be held for the team that wins the most games during a Games Season. The winning Branch will be awarded a Gold Trophy which will stand at the center of the podium after the ceremony untill the next season to display to all members of TRM past and present victories. I will even arrange for smaller rewards to be given to the most involved and the best performing games participants - titles such as Marine of the Match, Quiz Wizard, Champion Changer and World's Fastest Marine!
Earn your place in the Hall of Fame and go down in TRM history! But above all, marines, have fun.

The Hall of Fame: (Designed, yet again, by yours truly)

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