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SBS, Events.

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SBS, Events.

Post  Jess on Tue Sep 08, 2009 10:56 am

Events Guide

Sunday Event

The Sunday event will take place promptly at 20.00 hours GMT. So be sure to be there lads and ladies! The sunday event will involve a habbo game, for example a Quiz or a Costume Change, no sweat if you aren't the best at dressing up or general knowledge. The whole point is to turn up and take part or support your team! I don't mind if you loose, but I do mind if you don't give it your best shot!
Of course I will lead from the front and take an active role in these activities and have a laugh while I'm at it. If you have any more idea's for games just PM me, I'm always eager to hear what you think. What a Face


There are two types of drill, the normal in HQ drill and formational drill. Both of which show the staff what SBS is made of and that there is nothing we can't do. When in HQ be on the look out for officers and call SF. Be prompt to stand up. When letting a member of staff in at the gate if they are a higher rank salute them and regardless of rank welcome them!

As for formational drill we need to get training, once I have got sorted I will post some drill practice times, please remind others to come at these time as we need as many SBS as possible for drill practice as it is near impossible in small groups!

If you have any questions PM me and I'll answer on here. If you have any suggestions about anything SBS related PM me also or ask me in HQ.

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