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4v4 RP Battles

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4v4 RP Battles

Post  Jeremy on Tue Sep 08, 2009 12:37 pm

General Game Information

Game Introduction

In this game, two teams of 4 will battle each other to the death suing set equipment and rules. A 'referee' will manage the match; keeping score, declaring kills and announcing VOID moves.

General Rp Rules

- 4 or more words per line.
- 5 lines per kill.

Team Deathmatch - Game Rules

Two teams, "Red Team" and "Blue Team", each with 4 players, will start on their spawning mats [Red mats for Red Team, yellow mats for Yellow Team].

The game will begin when the referee shouts "GO!", as this point the players will use their set equipment and game tactics to eliminate the opposing team.

To win, one team must eliminate the whole of the other team.

The Room


Room Name: [TRM] 4 v 4
Room Owner: Jezzaremy
Room Pass: trm4v4
People who helped with room: Timtim, Jezzaremy

Room Rules

- You cannot shoot past things 2 mode bars or higher unless you are standing on a shooting position [White mats]
- One team cannot enter another team's base. [Unless playing a CTF or VIP game variant]
- A Team cannot hide in their base to remain untouchable, if staying in the base you must use one of the shooting positions.

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