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Basic Training Guide

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Basic Training Guide Empty Basic Training Guide

Post  Jeremy Thu Sep 03, 2009 11:42 am

Welcome to TRM Basic Training! I am [Rank, Name] And you will refer to me as [Rank/Name] In this training session.

Firstly, Read the yellow stickys on the wall, and stand when you are done.
Order them to sit down.
Good, any questions on rules?

Rank classes:

We have 5 rank classes in TRM. From lowest to highest:
NCO - Non-Commissioned Officer
WO - Warrant Officer
CO - Commissioned Officer

The first is enlisted, they wear full green uniform They're job is to Recruit by sitting in the front row.
You can call Enlisted members by they're username or rank.

The next rank class is NCO.
You must call them Sarge at all times.
They're job is to motivate the Enlisted ranks in the front row.

The next is WO.
They're job is to overlook the NCO's, give orders and punish if neccessary. You must call them Sir or Ma'am at all times depending on Gender.

Next are CO's.

Their job is to Fire/Demote people if neccessary.

They also attend regular meetings to determine the near future of TRM.

They Must be refferred to as Sir/Ma'am At all times Depending on gender.

After CO's are Cabinet Members.

Cabinet is the highest rank class within TRM,

They are easy recognisable by their suits.

They Must be refferred to as Sir/Ma'am at all times, Depending on Gender.

Their job is to make sure TRM is running smoothly and making sure all ranks within TRM are pulling their weight.

They can Fire/Demote/Promote people to very high ranks, so it is advised to show them the utmost respect!

Any Questions On Ranks?


Moving on to SF (Stand Fast), SF is a way of respecting CO's when they enter the room.

You must SF When it is called, Or An Officer comes in through the door or Teleport.

All you do Is Stand, [Do an example]
You may not speak, move or sit back down again until the order;
AE/At ease/as you were is given.

[Do some examples, 2 Times Minimum. Correct if neccessary.]

[Make them line up infront of you]
Ask questions 1 by 1 to do with Attention. For example,
What do you do when an officer Steps in to the room?
What 2 words can be used to Sit down when you are at attention?
[At Ease]
What can an NCO order front row to Do?
Any questions on SF?

Guarding Gate :

Order them to Line up behind black mat.

Guarding the gate is the easiest job in the HQ. All you do is let in Personnel, VIP's and Allies.

When A Recruit tries to gain access, check they're uniform and motto is correct, and then tell them to sit in the MIDDLE ROW.

When an Officer Tries to gain access, you must wave at them, then they will wave back before you let them in.

There is also a gate procedure.

It's very simple, when they are trying to get in step to the side of the gate, onto the chair, and then they will step 1 SPACE AFTER THE BLACK MAT.

They will stay there until you move back into the gate.

Make them GG and do an example:

Ok, I'm a recruit, tell me the appropriate information.
[Do example]

Ok, i'm now an officer, Do the appropriate procedure to letting me in.
[Do example]

Front And Center :

Front and Center is used for if an Officer wants to Fire/Demote or Promo you.

The officer will Call SF, and then give you the order [Name] F&C.

You will walk over to the Officer that gave you the order, Face him, Wave once and say 'Yes Sir/Ma'am'

They will then wave back and give you the information they need to give you.

The Officer will then say 'Dismissed' And you will then Wave once again, And say 'Yes Sir' They will wave back and you will return to your position REMEMBERING YOU ARE STILL AT ATTENTION.

[ Do some examples ]

Ok, any questions on F&C?


AFK - Away from keyboard -When you are AFK/BRB you must sit in back row, this avoids confusion with SF.
BRB - Be right Back
FTF - Fill the Front
FTM - Fill the Middle
FTB - Fill the Back
OTF - On the Forum
IAF - Invite all friends
RTB - Return To Base

Any questions on Commands?

Recruits Job

When you get back into HQ, you will be expected to FTF and Recruit. You will sit in the Front row and help people join TRM. For Example.

My Friend Bob walks in. You say to him :

Welcome to TRM, Bob. Can i get you a job?
If Bob replies, yes, Tell him to read the green sticky close to the door.
Keep ammending his uniform until perfect.


[ Go to Gate, Call attention Then F&C Them 1 by 1 and give appropriate ranks as below:]

Used Warnings : [TRM] Private [T]

Didn't use Warnings : [TRM] PFC [T]

AE them and RTB.

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